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Portable Standalone Aromatheraputic Air Diffuser

Portable Standalone Aromatheraputic Air Diffuser

Portable Standalone Aromatheraputic Air Diffuser

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Do you find it hard to relax in times of stress? Try our 300mL Air Diffuser, providing ultrasonics and aromatherapy to guide your mind with a natural presence while humidifying your environment with a scent of your choice. An excellent way to moisten your skin and clear your lungs too, from in your home, office and car, to when you're sleeping.

300mL Tank - Hours of Quiet Diffusion
The large volume tank will run you hours on end of mist diffusion without needing to refill it with water regularly while also keeping it portable, small and compact.

Mindfulness - Aromatherapy (You'll Never Feel Better)

Relieve yourself while a scent of your choice takes over your environment and helps to moisten your skin, clear your lungs, prevent you from static-electricity from dry environments.

Two Spray Settings - Continuous & Intermittent

Our new and upgraded version comes with two mist diffusion settings; continuous spray and intermittent spray.

Anytime, Anywhere - Compatible
Our Air Diffuser is portable with a simple design including a shaft which can be placed in any water containing bottle or any size or volume. Ideally used with a standard design water bottle.

Relax Everywhere - Home, Office, Car or Sleep

Our diffuser is compact and portable, meaning you can take it with you wherever you may go with comfort.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

Our Air Diffuser silently sprays 30 - 45 ml/hour with 99% humidifying efficiency, saving water whilst providing adequate humidification.

Easy To Use

Simply unscrew the lid, insert the cotton swab, place in water and connect via USB cable (included). A manual is included in the package.

Essential Oils

Our Air Diffusers are often used with essential oils to increase mindfulness and aromatic benefits.

How is it different than our other Air Diffuser products?

This product differs from our other Air DIffuser product in that it is standalone with a 300 mL tank and hence, does not require its own water source.



  • Powered by USB (included). 

Package Includes

  • Air Diffuser
  • USB Cable
  • Filters (as per selection)
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