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Tired of snack foods like chips and dried fruit going stale? Minimise that pain and waste with this Eco-SealTM and reseal any plastic, alfoil and laminate bag as if it were never opened! Or package your own homemade snacks!

Multi-FunctionKeep all food FRESH and DRY.

Excess food waste is a huge global issue, as well as your food being affected by air, moisture and hence, that unpleasant taste. Sealing clips never adequately do the job, so do your part by helping the Earth and enjoying your snacks time and time again.

Easy to use:  Preheat Eco-SealTM by gently clenching it for 5 seconds before using, then simply slide slowly across any plastic or aluminium bag to firmly seal.

Convenient and nimble.


  • Requires two AA batteries. (Not included)
  • Ideal for general plastic snack bags and laminated backs.
  • Avoid using continuously for more than 1 minute to prevent overheating batteries.
  • When sealing cling wrap, fold into several layers to ensure adequate sealing and prevent cracking.
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